Significant Facts About Alcohol And Drug Testing

Around ScreenItalia

ScreenItalia is just one of Italy’s greatest laboratories that concentrate on providing consumers with a variety of different tests or screenings. ScreenItalia has many tests that have the trademarked name screen. By way of example, screen drug test and screen pregnancy test. ScreenItalia provides tests in small or large batches. In the event of a significant number of tests ordered there will be a waiting period of twenty days from the date that the order has been confirmed. ScreenItalia’s products may be used by private consumers. They’re also available to a lot of health facilities like hospitals, rehabilitation centers, local clinics, and for businesses which want to drug test their employees.

Drug Tests

ScreenItalia has several Drug tests that are offered for people and other institutions. The urine test detects substances like cocaine, opiates, Barbiturates, Methadone, Tricyclic Antidepressants among others. Both available saliva test rapidly screen for multiple illegal drugs. The display K2/spice kit is utilized to detect the existence of cannabis.

Health Tests

ScreenItalia also offers An array of health tests. Tests for HIV, H.Pylori, Streptococcus, Adenovirus, HCG pregnancy, Influenza, Rotavirus, Syphillus, Mononucleosis, Clostridium, are some of the few tests that are offered for health screenings. To know all of the health screening tests offered by ScreenItalia it is best to go to their site for complete info.

Fertility Tests

As well as offering tests To detect pregnancy ScreenItalia supplies a fertility test that finds sperm count. The Screen Family Sperm test can be used to detect sperm count in human semen. The result is used by a physician to diagnose infertility and to evaluate male fertility before a couple tries to achieve pregnancy.


Each of the results from These evaluation can be looked at through ScreeItalia’s fast screen reader that can be accessed online. As you can see on Find Out More.


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